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Peter, Petros, Petra: Is Peter The Rock Upon Which Jesus Built His Church?

A Question about Marriage

[pullquote] The question: Hi, I am researching the topic of marriage according to the scriptures. My question is: What constitutes marriage? Before you answer I want you to know that I am aware of how this question is not easy to answer. I have been researching it for days now and still have not been able […]

Restoring Love: One Man’s Antidote to Pornography

I’ve been cautiously encouraged by some recent posts on GirlsAskGuys (I’ve mentioned them before).  In the last few weeks, I’ve seen an upsurge in posts about pornography.  Two were from male users asking how to stop.  One even identified himself as an atheist. It’s not enough to simply point out the harm that porn can […]

A Confession Reflection for the Season that is Lenten

I spoke in my previous entry about Pope Francis’ enthusiasm for the Sacrament of Confession.  According to Catholic Radio, he decided to pursue his vocation to the priesthood while attending Confession. The majority of Catholics rarely, if ever attend Confession, a sacrament about which I am very passionate.  In a shared objection with non-Catholics, many disagree […]

Pope Francis: Year in Review

In a time when the Catholic Church is under seemingly constant attack from a secular world that denounces her as irrelevant and out of touch and that also seems to suffer from internal disconnect, I can think of few people more vital today than Pope Francis. Where credit is due We needed Popes John Paul […]

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The Unfitness of Ideas: Contraceptive Mentalities and Natural Selection

Before the Supreme Court this week will be the question of “same-sex marriage.”   The potential for a Roe v. Wade category of decision making is certainly there: a decision that may echo in American discourse for the next few generations, much as Roe is still.  A branch of the federal government, the SCOTUS, has […]

The HHS Mandate Takes A Blow – And Why That’s Good!

Great News from the Beckett Fund folks! Today, a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. handed Wheaton College and Belmont Abbey College a major victory in their challenges to the HHS mandate.  Last summer, two lower courts had dismissed the Colleges’ cases as premature.  Today, the appellate court reinstated those cases, and ordered the Obama Administration to […]

Book Review: How NOT To Share Your Faith – The Seven Deadly Sins of Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization

In today’s world, Catholics should be able to cleverly and boldly defend their faith.  However, with relativism and religious confusion running rampant, Catholic apologists and theologians face seemingly greater challenges than ever before.  Christians, Catholics in particular, face higher levels of open hostility than in the past. Mark Brumley sheds light on what not to do in […]

Sacramental Marriage, Civil Marriage, Gay Marriage, and the Catholic Church

Mawwidge… I’m told it’s an institute you can’t disparage, though that seems anything but the case these days.  A litany of arguments in favor of allowing for “gay marriage,” in the short-hand parlance, or “homosexual unions,” has been given by hosts of talking heads, celebrities, and every-day folks. It’s a “civil rights” issue, some will say. […]

With All of the Hubris and Chutzpah of Antiochus…

I do not like the president. I’m sure he acts in what he views as the best interests of the most people, but he’s wrong, and he’s dismantling the very basis of our country: the first amendment, by forcing Catholics to violate their consciences in order to be in business. But that’s all old news. […]

4 + 1 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Catholic

So Marc Barnes over at Bad Catholic just put together a great little piece (as usual): “5 people it’s easy to forget are Catholic.” Hint 1: Hint 2: #5 is a lark!