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Is the Eucharist Just A Symbol? Does Scripture DISPROVE the Real Presence!?

Scripture I. Old Testament (a). Foreshadowing of the Eucharistic Sacrifice Gen. 14:18 – this is the first time that the word “priest” is used in Old Testament. Melchizedek is both a priest and a king and he offers a bread and wine sacrifice to God. Psalm 76:2 – Melchizedek is the king of Salem. Salem […]

Is the Hail Mary Biblical? Is it in Scripture?

Why do Catholics Worship Mary? (Or Do They?)

Why Don’t Catholics Have Bibles In Their Pews?

Biblical Evidence that Mary DIDN’T Have Marital Relations With Joseph

Mary is Ever Virgin – In Scripture Exodus 13:2,12 – Jesus is sometimes referred to as the “first-born” son of Mary. But “first-born” is a common Jewish expression meaning the first child to open the womb. It has nothing to do the mother having future children. Exodus 34:20 – under the Mosaic law, the “first-born” […]

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Once Again, Pro-Life Ninjas Sweep Through Washington Unseen [By Media]

Fact: Over Half a million people just walked through the streets of DC. Fact: They did it last year.   Fact: They did it the year before that, too. Fact: And they did it the year before that, too… In fact, this is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the 40th anniversary of […]

The Faces of Hope: Patrick’s Favorite Images of the Popes

Since the election of Pope Francis, Justin has posted several photos of him on Oramus and begged the question of how we cannot automatically love our new pontiff.  I’ve recently found myself wondering the same thing.  As I was gathering material for my last few entries, I found photos of the popes during whose reign […]

So Long As They’re Dead…

Francis J. Beckwith describes the process of being invited, and then dis-invited, to write a piece in honor of a distinguished academic and evangelical friend for festschrift, which was being compiled by some folks in conjunction with the appropriately named Moody Publishers. Several days later, however, the editors informed me that the publisher had forced them […]

Book Review: Baptized In The Spirit

I recently posted about an unpleasant experience I’d had at a retreat hosted by a charismatic community.  It was unpleasant because they took a very condescending, holier-than-thou type of attitude towards people like me who are accustomed to (and prefer) silent, more contemplative worship.  They believed (or at least seemed to) that not praying “in the Spirit” wasn’t praying […]

The End of Advent (First Things)

The following is one of my favorite pieces to read every year as Advent approaches.  It is here reproduced in it’s entirety. hristmas has devoured Advent, gobbled it up with the turkey giblets and the goblets of seasonal ale. Every secularized holiday, of course, tends to lose the context it had in the liturgical year. […]

A Confession Reflection for the Season that is Lenten

I spoke in my previous entry about Pope Francis’ enthusiasm for the Sacrament of Confession.  According to Catholic Radio, he decided to pursue his vocation to the priesthood while attending Confession. The majority of Catholics rarely, if ever attend Confession, a sacrament about which I am very passionate.  In a shared objection with non-Catholics, many disagree […]