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“How Convincing Is the Roman Catholic View That Peter Was the First Pope?” – Rebuttal PART 1

This is part one of a rebuttal to The John Ankerberg Show’s articel, written by Dr. John Weldon, How Convincing Is the Roman Catholic View That Peter Was the First Pope?-Part 1Although this is “part one” of his piece, my response was so long that I’ll have to make this into parts, so I’m only […]

Did Jesus build his church on Peter?

From Facebook: Matthew 16 follows a VERY specific formulation A) Blessing B) ExplanationC) Further Explanation Three times in a row. A) Blessed are you Simon, son of JonahB) FOR flesh and blood has not revealed this to youC) BUT my father in heaven. A) I tell you YOU ARE ROCK B) AND upon this rock […]

Is the Eucharist Just A Symbol? Does Scripture DISPROVE the Real Presence!?

Scripture I. Old Testament (a). Foreshadowing of the Eucharistic Sacrifice Gen. 14:18 – this is the first time that the word “priest” is used in Old Testament. Melchizedek is both a priest and a king and he offers a bread and wine sacrifice to God. Psalm 76:2 – Melchizedek is the king of Salem. Salem […]

Is the Hail Mary Biblical? Is it in Scripture?

Why do Catholics Worship Mary? (Or Do They?)

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Why I Am Pro-Life: My Mothers’ Day Gift

With today being Mothers’ Day, I think it’s only appropriate that I thank my mother by offering insight as to why I am so firmly pro-life.  I’ve been a Catholic my whole life and have always accepted the Church’s teachings on abortion, but it’s only within the last few years that I really understood how […]

A Question about Marriage

[pullquote] The question: Hi, I am researching the topic of marriage according to the scriptures. My question is: What constitutes marriage? Before you answer I want you to know that I am aware of how this question is not easy to answer. I have been researching it for days now and still have not been able […]

Catholic Q&A: Why Bother Being Catholic

The following question was forwarded to me by a priest friend of mine. Q:  Obviously, Catholics believe it to turn to body and blood. . . .  However . . . what difference does it make?  . . . If non-Catholics can make it to heaven without eating the bread of life [which we believe], then […]

“This Horrible and Hateful War on People”

This post is about “That Law,” that was passed by the house in Kansas, my home state, but likely won’t go further.  More to the point, it’s about all the hullabaloo that has surrounded it, “this horrible and hateful war on people,” as one blogger put it (who, by the way, started her piece with […]

Gutenberg’s Contraption And The Nostrum of Sola Scriptura

At the end of the 15th century, mankind was hit with an invention that did more to shape culture, life and education over the next 500 years than any advancement prior, and arguably more than all other advancements combined. The printing press made the dissemination of information quick and easy, and relatively cheap. Book after […]

Evolution As It Relates To Human Sexuality

One common objection to religious belief is that science can explain everything.  Perhaps the most intense discourse today is between evolution and creation.  Many militant atheists assume that we do not accept the facts of history and science, but this is false.  The Church simply states that everything did not happen by accident; we are made in […]