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Did Jesus build his church on Peter?

From Facebook: Matthew 16 follows a VERY specific formulation A) Blessing B) ExplanationC) Further Explanation Three times in a row. A) Blessed are you Simon, son of JonahB) FOR flesh and blood has not revealed this to youC) BUT my father in heaven. A) I tell you YOU ARE ROCK B) AND upon this rock […]

Is the Eucharist Just A Symbol? Does Scripture DISPROVE the Real Presence!?

Scripture I. Old Testament (a). Foreshadowing of the Eucharistic Sacrifice Gen. 14:18 – this is the first time that the word “priest” is used in Old Testament. Melchizedek is both a priest and a king and he offers a bread and wine sacrifice to God. Psalm 76:2 – Melchizedek is the king of Salem. Salem […]

Is the Hail Mary Biblical? Is it in Scripture?

Why do Catholics Worship Mary? (Or Do They?)

Why Don’t Catholics Have Bibles In Their Pews?

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Genderless Marriage and Arguments from Emotion

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good analogy, but this piece by Doug Mainwaring really did a great job, in my opinion, of summing up the totality of the public discourse over the possibility of same-sex marriage.  He begins: In our sometimes misguided efforts to expand our freedom, selfish adults have systematically dismantled that […]

Charismatic Gifts and Spiritual Maturity

Patrick shared an encounter that he had with a retreat group purporting to be a charismatic group, and the leader of which insinuated that to not pray “in the spirit” is to not pray at all.  Naturally, Pat was offended.  We went back and fourth discussing his piece, and I encouraged him to do his […]

The Faces of Hope: Patrick’s Favorite Images of the Popes

Since the election of Pope Francis, Justin has posted several photos of him on Oramus and begged the question of how we cannot automatically love our new pontiff.  I’ve recently found myself wondering the same thing.  As I was gathering material for my last few entries, I found photos of the popes during whose reign […]

Did you hear what Francis just said!?

  Sometimes HUMOR is the best solution.  From Jason Bach. (Click the image to enlarge)

4 + 1 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Catholic

So Marc Barnes over at Bad Catholic just put together a great little piece (as usual): “5 people it’s easy to forget are Catholic.” Hint 1: Hint 2: #5 is a lark!

First Knight: The Life and Legacy of Father Michael J. McGivney

Every now and then at Mass, the Knights of Columbus carry out a Fourth Degree Honor Guard.  You may occasionally see guys wearing a Knights of Columbus t-shirt or a lapel pin on their jacket.  In this, my first contribution to the Saints segment, I present their founder, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney.  He may not […]