Book Review: How NOT To Share Your Faith – The Seven Deadly Sins of Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization

In today’s world, Catholics should be able to cleverly and boldly defend their faith.  However, with relativism and religious confusion running rampant, Catholic apologists and theologians face seemingly greater challenges than ever before.  Christians, Catholics in particular, face higher levels of open hostility than in the past. Mark Brumley sheds light on what not to do in […]

Book Review: Baptized In The Spirit

I recently posted about an unpleasant experience I’d had at a retreat hosted by a charismatic community.  It was unpleasant because they took a very condescending, holier-than-thou type of attitude towards people like me who are accustomed to (and prefer) silent, more contemplative worship.  They believed (or at least seemed to) that not praying “in the Spirit” wasn’t praying […]

Book Review: Made For More

Let’s face it: There is A LOT to the Roman Catholic Church.  It’s good that we have a lot at our disposal, but there’s a downside.  Many Catholics don’t understand the faith.  Jeff Cavins made this precise observation once, noting that he had left the Catholic Church because he felt like what he had was essentially a […]

Book Review: Love and Responsibility

I recently finished reading Pope John Paul II’s earlier work, Love and Responsibility.  I knew it was a very important book, but in the time that I have been interested in the New Sexual Revolution, I had always been more excited to read the Theology of The Body.  After finishing Love and Responsibility, I must […]

Book Review: Finding God in the Hobbit

The book up for review this month is Jim Ware’s Finding God in the Hobbit. Kurt Bruner writes the introduction, and muses upon the sadness of a childhood that didn’t involve hobbits when it could have.   I have to agree.  As an only child of a single mother, such fantasy books did not populate my […]

The Magicians Twin: C. S. Lewis, Scientism, and the Future

C. S. Lewis passed away 49 years ago yesterday (November 22, 1963).  His death was little noticed here in the states, as it happened to coincide with a startling event: The assassination of John F. Kennedy.  However of the two men, Lewis’s legacy has proved startlingly vital compared to Kennedy’s. The above video is a […]

Book Review: American Patriots: By Rick Santorum

Through a friend of a friend, I managed to get on the Tyndale list for preview/review copies of books.  the first one that they gave me was Rick Santorum’s American patriots. In a nutshell, it’s a neat book.  The faux-aged paper is a bit tacky, but the contents, if not researched and cited to an academic […]