Gutenberg’s Contraption And The Nostrum of Sola Scriptura

At the end of the 15th century, mankind was hit with an invention that did more to shape culture, life and education over the next 500 years than any advancement prior, and arguably more than all other advancements combined. The printing press made the dissemination of information quick and easy, and relatively cheap. Book after […]

The History Of Christianity In One Comic (and a bunch of text)

In the last 500 years in particular, however, what Christianity is has gotten…”muddy.”  Cloudy.  Hazy.  It’s hard to tell what is what, because by modest estimates, there are between 3,000 and 30,000 different Christian denominations in the world today. Some teach that there are no sacraments, some that there are 7.  Some teach that Jesus was God […]

So Long As They’re Dead…

Francis J. Beckwith describes the process of being invited, and then dis-invited, to write a piece in honor of a distinguished academic and evangelical friend for festschrift, which was being compiled by some folks in conjunction with the appropriately named Moody Publishers. Several days later, however, the editors informed me that the publisher had forced them […]