Pope Francis: Year in Review

In a time when the Catholic Church is under seemingly constant attack from a secular world that denounces her as irrelevant and out of touch and that also seems to suffer from internal disconnect, I can think of few people more vital today than Pope Francis. Where credit is due We needed Popes John Paul […]

When Is It Okay To “Draw The Line”?

This post began with a friend of mine who has recently cut ties with somebody who has caused her pain for her entire life.  Her “VERY Christian mother” has called her “cold-hearted” and “evil” for this.  She also revealed that her mother continuously helps people who have repeatedly hurt their family, knowing that this will be the result.  She is “absolutely miserable” doing […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Suits and Menswear

Because There Are Some Things Guys Just Need To Know… With this entry, I’m taking a break from my usual commentaries and giving some very simple and practical advice to my half of the population.  Given all the fashion faux paxs and interesting choices of attire at Mass I’ve seen, I’ve come to learn one […]

True Lies and Beautiful [False] Attributions

“Preach the Gospel Always, And Put Words Into The Mouths Of Saints When Applicable.” One of my favorite quotes by St. Francis of Assisi is probably the only one you know.  “Preach the gospel always, use words [only] when necessary.”  I think it sums up a lot of the Christian ideal in many ways, particularly […]

The End of New Years Resolutions

The ball has dropped, and a new year has begun here in the states. 2013 brings with it the promise that all years bring: a chance to start over, to build a new habit, stop an old one, and slowly work on becoming a better person. This tradition is a good one over all (other […]

4 + 1 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Catholic

So Marc Barnes over at Bad Catholic just put together a great little piece (as usual): “5 people it’s easy to forget are Catholic.” Hint 1: Hint 2: #5 is a lark!

Fruits, Vegetables, and the Fall of Man…and Bacon.

A good friend posted a link to an answer to the ultimate question: What makes a fruit, and what makes a veggie?  The answer from Wisegeek was: Simply put, a fruit is the ovary of a plant, which means that it may contain seeds, while a vegetable is a plant part, which does not contain […]