Once Again, Pro-Life Ninjas Sweep Through Washington Unseen [By Media]

Fact: Over Half a million people just walked through the streets of DC.

The March For Life Catholic Pro Life Anti Abortion 2
Fact: They did it last year.


The March For Life Catholic Pro Life Anti Abortion

Fact: They did it the year before that, too.

The March For Life Catholic Pro Life Anti Abortion 3

Fact: And they did it the year before that, too…

Justin West Benedictine College RCIA March For Life Ravens Respect Life

In fact, this is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the 40th anniversary of the March.

Official estimates put the total crowd at 650,000 people, making this effectively the largest civil protest in history.

Not just that, but the largest recurring civil protest.

If the March for Life participants banded together to form their own country, they’d be the 164th largest nation in the world, and have a larger population than more than 75 other countries.

Media Blindness…

And yet only “a few thousand” were seen by any media outlet bold enough to even admit that there is a debate over the Leviathan-given-right-and-modern-sacrament which is abortion on demand.

According to the non-partisan Media Research Center, the marches did not garner a single “syllable of coverage” from ABC or CBS.

CNN did note that Senators Rand Paul and Rick Santorum addressed an anti-abortion crowd.  (NOTE: Rand, and his father Ron, were scheduled to speak last year, but were ironically detained by the TSA, an agency they’ve railed against repeatedly – and it may have cost Ron Paul the RNC Nod.  Had he been allowed to speak, he may have garnered a lot more early support, even though he did succeed in forcing the RNC to change the rules to disenfranchise his delegates, lest he upset their “safe” and “controllable” candidate.)

But they happily gave tons of screen time to a “protest” with “roughly 1000” anti-gun protesters.

“Anchor Diane Sawyer made time for an update on the supposed controversy over complaints Subway’s ‘foot-long’ subs are sometimes only eleven inches long. Horrors,” notedBrent Baker, vice president for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center. “Sawyer allocated 28 seconds to this.” (SOURCE)

While it’s easy to draw conclusions about media bias, I think that there is one take-away point from all of this…

Pro-Life Ninjas…

Clearly, Pro-lifers are ninjas.  Ninja’s can move undetected, and obviously so can the pro-lifers.

Ninjas leave no trace of the their having been there, and far from the disorganized, pooping everywhere chaos that the “99%-ers” of the occupy movement wrought on cities, the marchers picked up after themselves.

Meanwhile, the media is finally covering the OTHER Ninja parade.

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