The Westboro Baptists,The Rainbow House, And The Chariot of Orthodoxy

Confessions: I am a Topekan.  It’s a pretty good city, all things considered.  Not the best, by far, but good. I’ve grown up “in the shadow” of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) all of my life. -They’ve picketed my Church (“Sodomite Fag Priests Burn In Hell,” apparently) -They’ve picketed my High School (“Sodomite School News […]

Sacramental Marriage, Civil Marriage, Gay Marriage, and the Catholic Church

Mawwidge… I’m told it’s an institute you can’t disparage, though that seems anything but the case these days.  A litany of arguments in favor of allowing for “gay marriage,” in the short-hand parlance, or “homosexual unions,” has been given by hosts of talking heads, celebrities, and every-day folks. It’s a “civil rights” issue, some will say. […]